Welcome to Z's Sweet Treats
(Vegan Online Bakery)

A few facts about Z's Sweet Treats

Z's Sweet Treats is a Vegan Online Bakery specializing in vegan cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies, and other pastries, serving residents in the Cleveland, Ohio area and in the United States.  


All of our Z's Sweet Treats desserts are 100% Vegan.  Vegan means that there are no animal products used to create our desserts.  Yes, you read that right.  No milk, eggs, butter, or any other type of ingredients from animals are used for our products.  Using Plant-Based ingredients are not only a healthier option, it also insures that no animals were harmed or taken away from their families for you to enjoy your dessert.  That's why at Z's Sweet Treats all of our products are 100% Vegan.


All of our products are Organic.  At Z's Sweet Treats we strive to create the most nutritious, elegant, and taste-bud satisfying desserts as we can.  We choose to use organic ingredients because they're  best for your and our bodies.  Organic means that there are no pesticides or herbicides used to preserve the food.  While these chemicals are good for preservation purposes they are not good for our bodies to ingest.  That's why at Z's Sweet Treats we use as many organic ingredients as possible when creating our desserts. 

*Certain ingredients are naturally conventional such as salt, water, and baking soda* We use aluminium-free baking powder and baking soda, as well as Himalayan fine pink salt.  Where our ingredients are conventional and can not be organic, as stated above, we use the best, natural-pure ingredients possible.

Soy-free & Non-GMO

All of our Z's Sweet Treats products are soy-free.  We refrain from using soy in our products because soy is cheaply grown and highly genetically modified in the USA.  While soy is an excellent thickening agent,  it's not very healthy.  When soy gets into a female's body it turns into estrogen, which can cause early puberty in girls, and can also cause imbalances in the male and female body.  We do not use genetically modified products because they are not as nutrient dense as naturally grown products.  Genetically modified products are food or seeds made in a lab.  We want to nourish your and our bodies with food and treats that's directly from the earth.  That is why we don't use soy or genetically modified ingredients when making our desserts.